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Kotórz Mały
Since coming into business in Poland, LEVEL ONE wanted to become a member of the society and to take part in the social life in this country. Sport was a good opportunity to achieve this aim. Football was chosen, because the contacts with the team from Opole city.

While analyzing the situation of the football club, it appeared that not only sports equipment is needed, but also other small investments. LEVEL ONE financed a new stadium clock and automatic watering system. Thanks to these investments the pitch looks much better than it used to. Raising the standard of this object caused further progress and new plans of modernization of the pitch are being prepared.

The effect of improvements we made in the working of the football club became visible when our team was promoted to the fourth league in the season 2006/2007. This is a form of saying thank you to LEVEL ONE and its promotion outside. Now our firm also became a commercial sponsor of the team and the name of our company LEVEL ONE appeared in the name of football club in Kotórz Mały.

There is also a high level of cooperation between Poland and Netherlands, including culture and sports. Due to this partnership, a football match between LKS SILESIUS LEVEL ONE - VV TOLLEBEEK took place. We invite you to view the photo gallery.